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By: Menedimos Geomelas

This is not an ordinary book. On the contrary, it is an exceptional book with gems of wisdom in literally every chapter, written by an astute agent of change. This book represents the distillation of 18 years of experience of Jorgen Rasmussen working with clients who want to change.
As the book title implies, realistic combinations of different approaches to changework in a step-by-step format are described.
Jorgen has studied the work of Albert Ellis ( REBT), Sydney Banks ( Three Principles), Byron Katie ( The Work), Robert Kegan ( developmental psychology) and John Grinder ( NLP), among others, and he presents, explains and analyzes these approaches and their application in real case studies.
The way Jorgen looks at things from different angles to assist the clients/ patients in shifting their perceptions of reality is simply an art in and of itself.
While reading through the book, these three key words come into play : honesty, sincerity and integrity. The author openly speaks about the cases where he was able to produce outstanding results as well as about the cases where the results were moderate or weak.

Although there are several philosophical insights and many philosophical points that leave room for constructive discussion in the book, „ provocative suggestions“ is far from being a theoretical book. It is rather a practical book with lots of advice and clear presentations of formats when dealing with anger, anxiety, fear, phobias, depression etc. The reader gets clear instructions about what to do ( concrete steps) and how to troubleshoot when things don’t go according to plan. These clear instructions and the troubleshooting tips alone, even if the rest of the book was useless ( which obviously isn‘t), would be worth the price of the book.

Another very interesting and helpful approach which is well described in the book is how to utilize hypnotic phenomena as a tool and as a metaphor to help the clients/ patients change stuck perspectives and fixed perceptions.

A central theme that permeates the entire book and that resonates with me is the realisation that in most cases a „ black or white „ thinking is a distorted thinking . There are few absolute, fixed truths in life.

I wish „provocative suggestions“ in particular and Jorgen’s work in general to get the attention and the recognition they deserve among psychotherapists, coaches, hypnotherapists, NLPers and medical doctors. Jorgen’s work can by all means be effectively applied to a host of psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders and help people free themselves from unnecessary psychological and physical suffering without drugs and without them having to go through endless hours of counselling.
To sum it all up, „ provocative suggestions“ and Jorgen’s approach are a piece of art and wholeheartedly recommended to anyone in the field of medicine, psychology or coaching who has a sincere interest in helping people!


I screen all my clients and have VERY strict standards for who I am willing to spend my time and energy working with.

Look elsewhere if any of this applies to you.

1. You are a psychiatric patient and on any form of psychaitric medication.

2. You recieve any form of welfare or government handouts for doing your problem. I dont work with professional victims.

3. You are part of any special interesrt group ( ala nxiety groups or phobia groups ). I consider it meaningless to work with someone who bases their identity and social network on the exact problem they want to see me for.

4. You are looking for someone else to rescue to from your problem.

The types of clients I am willing to work with.

1. People who are ready to take full responsibility for solving their problems , but dont know quite HOW to solve their particular problem.

2. People who want to improve some sort of skill set and are looking for interesting new tools and methods for amplifying performance.

3. Trainers and coaches who are looking for a "troubleshooting " coach to help them improve their performance.

If you can live up to these standards than feel free to get in touch with me at 0047- 92802484 to explore what we can do together as a team to make your life together.




2013: 22-23-24-25 February: Provocative Hypnosis Seminar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Please visit this link for more information and learn how to sign up: http://www.nlpacademie.nl/hypnose-2/provocative-hypnosis/

The seminar will be held in spoken English only.

Provocative Hypnosis from NLP_AC on Vimeo.

2012: 13-16 April: Provocative Hypnosis Seminar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visit links for more information:


Seminar Reviews

Jørgen's Provocative Hypnosis course was THE most powerful course I have ever attended. Jørgen is a world class trainer. During the 2 days I was able to break negative patterns and behaviour I had carried out for years. Jorgen's techniques when dealing with clients have helped gain me a new work contract within a week of completing his course. I would highly recommend this course to any individual who wants to develop personally and professionally.

Michelle L.

I was privileged to be a student attending the Provocative Hypnosis Course arranged by UMAMI and presented by Jorgen Rasmussen on 15th &16th June 2009 .Prior to the course UMAMI set up a website accessed by the students to network and ask questions as they arose, the website was supported by Wayne and John, who managed it and answered our questions promptly and generated discussions within the group, and continue to do so. When I read the excerpt from Jorgen’s book posted on the site, it struck fear to my core, as his interventions appeared so radical, it was far out my comfort zone, and I was apprehensive to what I would be exposed to, and felt quite nervous on that first morning, and I discovered on talking to fellow students I was not alone in that state. However, as the two days unfolded my fears were alleviated, as Jorgen explained his reasons for his radical approach and demonstrated his wizardry. Even though English is not his first language, his narrative was totally spell binding and I hung on his every word, Pure GENIEUS! I cannot fault the two days, only to say it wasn’t long enough, the venue, organisation, the course literature and the amazing support given by Wayne and John ,who are UMAMI, was and still continues to be outstanding. Thank you very much, I look forward to attending my next course with UMAMI.

Ann D.

“Look at Google and you’ll see that Hypnosis and NLP courses are now a dime a dozen. From my personal experience and the experiences of my students and clients, what gets taught on one course is usually little different to the next. I’ve recently found one big exception to this statement and it’s called, ‘Provocative Hypnosis’; the most exciting, effective and boundary pushing training that I have ever taken part in. More importantly to me, the teacher, ‘Jorgen Rasmussen’, is a man who has earned the right to call himself a master of his trade, not by reading books and attending other peoples seminars (though he clearly has read and attended more than most), but by working with a vast range of clients, many presenting him with a range of symptoms and challenges that most change agents would run a mile from! Since attending PH, I’ve used Jorgen’s unique patterns and methods with a number of clients. The results have each time shown an immediate and obvious shift in state. More importantly, (a month or so later) my clients continue to benefit form more choices in a number of previously limiting contexts. I know personally that John Grinder rates Jorgen as one of the finest change agents in the world. Based on my four days with him, I have to wonder who on earth the competition could be?”


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Free Book Chapter

Read a Case Study from my book about Frank the Multiphobic:

Frank is a guy in his mid fifties who was scared of being around people and basically any place where more than a few people were present. He hadn’t been to a mall, large store or cafeteria for over twenty years. He worked in the woods and his wife would do all the shopping.

During the first session I attempted to do time line patterns and other NLP patterns, but we got absolutely nowhere. He was unable to get in touch with his fear, claimed to not make pictures, refused any and all attempts to induce hypnosis and had a lot of internal dialogue. However, I noticed three things of importance:

1. He had a tendency to mismatch. He would tense up if I asked him to relax, and he was passive aggressive.

2. His greatest fear was to have an emotional breakdown in public, especially if he would cry. That he really couldn’t handle.

3. The third thing was kind of intriguing. Several times during the first session he would lean on the sentence: “EVERYONE HAS EQUAL VALUE!” As he said these words, he would gesture downward with his palms. He did this three or four times. When you get a gift like this, you have to find a way to utilize it somehow to help the client.

As the first session came to a close, it was clear that we would have to do our work in the real world. I would have to find a way to utilize the three patterns of behavior previously mentioned.

The next time he came in I took him on a little trip to a local food store, telling him that we were just going on a little exploration. I had scheduled the session for a time when I knew that groups of teenagers would hang outside the store. Imagine my relief when I saw a big teenage gang outside the store. We parked the car, locked the door, thereby blocking one escape route for my unsuspecting client.

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Client Work-2


"You reader are in for a treat – this is the stuff of genius. Take a young man, unencumbered with theory, with excellent sensory acuity and great flexibility and give him a set of patterns – some mix of the classic and New Code NLP patterning - and set him loose. Oh yeah, it helps enormously that he is fearless - that is, the issue of failure is not part of the baggage he brings to the game, and that he has a healthy disrespect for conventional treatments."

John Grinder ,NLP Cofounder


Jørgen has written one of the most brilliant, useable, clear-headed books on NLP both the methodology and the applications - that I have read in my two decades of studying the subject. This guy doesn't just show you the techniques-he explains the way of thinking that leaves the trail of techniques. Highest possible recommendation.

Ross Jeffries, Creator of Speed Seduction®

Your book is certainly bold and blunt. While some people might find some of the blunt language offensive and some of the techniques controversial, your book is certainly thought-provoking.

Roy Hunter, Hypnotherapist & Author


"There's a fair number of opinions in this book I flat-out disagree with. But I'm a fulltime working hypnotist seeing real clients every day - I earn my fee only if they get exactly the outcome they've come for. I need tools that work. The techniques Jørgen describes in Provocative Hypnosis work. There's more solid, useful information packed into this book than I've found in any other hypnosis/NLP book I've read or class I've taken (and I've trained with the biggest names in the field). So even if I think he's over the top sometimes, I recommend this book. For the expert working with live paying clients I recommend it for tools. They work. For the newbie, the aspiring and the curious, I recommend it because it's provocative, funny and an overall great read."

Brian Mahoney, Director, Boston Hypnosis


Jørgen’s book arrived this weekend and I have been unable to put it down. I thought I had no behavioral boundaries under the banner of ‘what’s most effective for the client’ but this guy makes my methods look tame. More importantly; not since Frogs into Princes have I seen a book that captures the spirit of flexibility required to be a real change artist - and it’s mainly implicit in Frogs into Princes. Jørgen makes it explicit and in-your-face. If you are one of my Practitioners or Master Practitioners - read it! It will echo my attitude to change work (there are no relevant considerations other that the ultimate welfare of your client and rapport is not ‘being nice’). For so-called NLP Practitioners that ‘run the script’ (with inadequate calibration and inadequate flexibility to go ‘off road’) this should be a wake up call to you. You will probably find it shocking in places, if you do I would urge you to pay attention to your inflexible boundary that Jørgen has crossed.

Darryll Scott, NLP Trainer and Performance Coach


I have met with Jørgen several years ago in Norway whilst working with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. I delivered a day introduction to the delegates who were attending a Coaching with Excellence course. Jorgen has a strong presence and stony faced humor. He is a true maverick and honorable in his work with clients. His book is in my opinion is outside the boundaries set in this field (the field of hypnosis NLP books) which is a brave step. Some of the text I am sure made me blush (and I am a Yorkshire man) and I congratulate Jorgen for having the balls to write such a book. His knowledge is advanced and of the highest level in this field plus he has the best qualifications … results. This is a great read and has the formats of how you should approach impossible clients.

John Thompson, NLP Trainer and Business Consultant

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Trouble Shooting

Learn from someone who spent a decade in the trenches seeing "impossible" clients and made his living based upon a no "cure" no pay policy.

If you have read my book provocative hypnosis and would like to be able to get the results that I got ... then get in touch.
Send me a email about yourself , your goals and why you want to have me as a troubleshooting coach.
Send it to joergen@provocativehypnosis.com.

If your email reasonates with me then I will email you back and we can explore what we can do together to improve your performace and enjoyment of this bizarre and wonderful profession.

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