2013: 22-23-24-25 February: Provocative Hypnosis Seminar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The seminar will be held in spoken English only.

Provocative Hypnosis from NLP_AC on Vimeo.

2012: 13-16 April: Provocative Hypnosis Seminar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Seminar Reviews

Jørgen's Provocative Hypnosis course was THE most powerful course I have ever attended. Jørgen is a world class trainer. During the 2 days I was able to break negative patterns and behaviour I had carried out for years. Jorgen's techniques when dealing with clients have helped gain me a new work contract within a week of completing his course. I would highly recommend this course to any individual who wants to develop personally and professionally.

Michelle L.

I was privileged to be a student attending the Provocative Hypnosis Course arranged by UMAMI and presented by Jorgen Rasmussen on 15th &16th June 2009 .Prior to the course UMAMI set up a website accessed by the students to network and ask questions as they arose, the website was supported by Wayne and John, who managed it and answered our questions promptly and generated discussions within the group, and continue to do so. When I read the excerpt from Jorgen’s book posted on the site, it struck fear to my core, as his interventions appeared so radical, it was far out my comfort zone, and I was apprehensive to what I would be exposed to, and felt quite nervous on that first morning, and I discovered on talking to fellow students I was not alone in that state. However, as the two days unfolded my fears were alleviated, as Jorgen explained his reasons for his radical approach and demonstrated his wizardry. Even though English is not his first language, his narrative was totally spell binding and I hung on his every word, Pure GENIEUS! I cannot fault the two days, only to say it wasn’t long enough, the venue, organisation, the course literature and the amazing support given by Wayne and John ,who are UMAMI, was and still continues to be outstanding. Thank you very much, I look forward to attending my next course with UMAMI.

Ann D.

“Look at Google and you’ll see that Hypnosis and NLP courses are now a dime a dozen. From my personal experience and the experiences of my students and clients, what gets taught on one course is usually little different to the next. I’ve recently found one big exception to this statement and it’s called, ‘Provocative Hypnosis’; the most exciting, effective and boundary pushing training that I have ever taken part in. More importantly to me, the teacher, ‘Jorgen Rasmussen’, is a man who has earned the right to call himself a master of his trade, not by reading books and attending other peoples seminars (though he clearly has read and attended more than most), but by working with a vast range of clients, many presenting him with a range of symptoms and challenges that most change agents would run a mile from! Since attending PH, I’ve used Jorgen’s unique patterns and methods with a number of clients. The results have each time shown an immediate and obvious shift in state. More importantly, (a month or so later) my clients continue to benefit form more choices in a number of previously limiting contexts. I know personally that John Grinder rates Jorgen as one of the finest change agents in the world. Based on my four days with him, I have to wonder who on earth the competition could be?”

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