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Robert Allen Dean - 08 Februar 2021
NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
NLP practitioner
Life coach

I have been a full-time professional hypnotist for approximately 10 years. In that time, I have sought out and received the benefit of in person instruction and/or distance learning from some of the top names in the field. Each of these people has added something valuable (or at least interesting) to my understanding of the art form/craft we call hypnosis. But it wasn’t until I encountered the work of Jørgen Rasmussen that it all came together for me. Before that, I always felt somehow that I was missing something. The hypnotic tools and techniques I had picked up from other teachers were fascinating and often highly effective, but they were just that: tools and techniques. The problem was they were without context, meaning that they largely ignored the most fundamental issue affecting all humans: our basic relationship with thought.

Joergen’s Psychological illusion model changed all that.

Before PIM, it had always seemed to me that we, as “hypnotists” were somehow leveraging psychological parlor tricks to magically change “bad” thoughts into “good” thoughts and “solve” the clients’ issues. In other words, if we just had just the right technique, the right magic wand (to borrow a metaphor from Harry Potter), we could simply point it at the client, trance him through the floor and and ”fix” whatever was broken. And that, of course was very intriguing and seductive - who doesn’t want to perform real-time magic and rid the world of its problems? - but...

As I immersed myself in learning the ins and outs of the Psychological Illusion model, I came to understand that the job of a change worker is not to mutate, disguise or paint over the clients’ unwanted trances, but to help them see more clearly what those trances actually consist of. I came to understand that the best way help them is to to help them see the very nature of thought itself, to illuminate for them their relationship to their own thoughts, to to show them how fleeting, impersonal and illusory those thoughts can be and to thus help them to DE-HYPNOTIZE themselves in the process. The PIM does exactly that and there is virtually no apparently painful and/or troublesome state or situation where it cannot be effectively applied. That I why I can honestly say that the Psychological Illusion Model is now at the core of all of the work I do.

I absolutely and completely recommend it to anyone looking to help others make positive transformative changes in their lives.

It is literally invaluable.

Kim Oechsle - Jan 17 2021
( - hypnoterapi for krop og sind).
Jørgen Rasmussens Psychological Illusion Model (PIM) course turned my world around. It changed the way I do therapy and the way I live my life. Strangely, the PIM was completely new to me but at the same time it somehow confirmed what I had previously "known" but didn't have words or strategies for. The PIM is now a fundamental framework for my sessions with clients. I like the no-nonsense and purity of the approach. As a hypnotherapist I appreciate that I can use the PIM with low-hypnotisable, analytical clients as well as with highly hypnotisable clients. In addition, the PIM course has taken my studies in new directions which have consolidated my knowledge and expanded my change work toolset immensely. Blending eastern wisdom into our western cognitively dominated therapies has been called a wave. But while others might be surfing, Jørgens PIM is parachuting off this wave.

Alastair Hill - Jan 15 2021

When I first got into changework I was fascinated by the maverick agents of change that seemed to go outside conventions and get results with clients that no one else seemed able to. I wanted to be one of them. I've spent the last 12 years trying to learn how and have now become a person that many people credit with turning their lives around ... and much of that is thanks to Jorgen.

I've got results with people who have been stuck for years and failed with other approaches, some claim I've saved their lives. This never would have happened had I not met Jorgen and learned the Psychological Illusion Model (PIM).

Jorgen's insights and knowledge of change-work are absolute gold for anyone wanting to learn how to get really skilled in this field. I use PIM day in and day out with military veterans with PTSD, anger and anxiety issues and my job gets easier the more I deepen my understanding of the model.

I highly recommend training with Jorgen, learning the Psychological Illusion Model, and to really deepen your understanding, investing in mentoring with him.

Howard Cooper - Jan 12 2021
Rapid Change Consultant & Anxiety Specialist.
Host of the Rapid Change Matters - Podcast.

Having interviewed many leading agents of change and therapists, from a wide array of approaches, on my Rapid Change Matters Podcast, I can honestly say that Jørgen Rasmussen and his Psychological Illusion Model is perhaps one of the most important advancements in the field of change. His ability to help people have transformative insights without years and years of meditation is, as far as I’m concerned, unparalleled.

Having worked myself as a change-worker for over 18 years using traditional NLP and hypnotherapy, the approach (and accompanying mindset) of the Psychological Illusion Model have quite simply blown me away. It has transformed not only the way I work with clients BUT also (more importantly) the results that I get.

AND it’s not just my clients that have benefitted from these ideas and principles. Since applying these ideas to my own life I have personally had more profound and positive shifts than using any other methods of change.

There is no ‘hocus focus’, no ‘just having to believe’, no ‘dropping someone into a deep trance to talk with a ‘sub-conscious’.

There is just helping people to artfully see what is currently unseen, in such a way that their entire experience changes.

Anyone who is serious about change, whether that’s someone who is keen to help others change OR whether you are keen to change yourself, the psychological illusion model should become essential learning.

Merlin Faude - Feb 13 2020
After a few weeks of working with Jørgen I started seeing drastically improved results in my own practice. How he works is more than just some techniques. He provides you with a system on how to approach sessions which is easy to use and at the same time highly effective. This eliminated a lot of the "trial-and-error-game" for me, I could implement approaches that had already proven to work. Also, after about 4 months of the mentorship I made 4 times the money as I did when I started. I highly recommend him as a mentor.