"I have had the privilege to convey some different clients, I encountered in my capacity as a psychiatrist.
In this regard, the results far exceeded the expectations of both me and the clients.
I have seen Jørgen demonstrate how a change may occur in individuals with severely disabling mental barriers. "

Jørgens solid theoretical knowledge background in different fields such as psychology, Hypnosis and NLP is extensive.
His way of helping people to find their resources inspires trust.

- Peter Lennig, Psychiatrist


Jørgen played a key role in my recovery from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. In just two sessions with Jørgen, I made the breakthrough I neede to make a rapid full recovery. And what I learned has rippled through my own approach to changework and helped all the people I have trained and mentored since.

Amy Bell (4 februar 2024)

Since we had the conversation on Zoom, I noticed that my skin hasn't been reactive.  It's been 2 and a half years now and I've not noticed stuff going on with my skin. I enclose two pictures, one before we chatted and one done today.  In both pictures, I scratched my skin with my nail to write the word Thank You.  You'll notice that picture one, the skin erupted to see a clear rendering of the word.  In picture 2, you can hardly see the words, although I still felt remnant sensations of irritation.  Hope this is useful to you.

Love your stuff by the way.

Christopher Chin

After suffering through painful plantar fasciitis for nearly 8 months, I finally had enough. An avid runner, I had been grounded and extremely frustrated. I had been to PT, chiropractic care, dry needling, podiatrists, and had two cortisone shots. In addition, X-rays showed nothing structurally wrong. Nothing seemed to work. Every morning the same thing…excruciating foot pain and certainly no running. I bought sleeves, calf stretchers, foam rollers, heel pads…no luck!

I knew my pain had no structural basis and couldn’t figure out what to do. Then a friend referred me to Joergen Rasmussen. Joergen is a hypnotist specializing in chronic pain. When I first called Joergen, I expected to see him for many visits, and he said “let’s just set up two. That should be all you need.”

He helped me focus my mind around the sensations in my foot. The pain center is in the brain, and under his guidance he was able to help me calm the fear of that pain in my brain. I struggled after the first visit, and the mental exercises were tough. However, I stuck with it, and the pain started to ease just before the 2nd visit. In fact, the change was remarkable. I didn’t even need the 3rd visit but did it anyway because Joergen was so helpful, and his ability to communicate the concepts and help me focus was so important.

I can’t hardly believe it! It took me just about 6 weeks to be pain free and am back to running about 20 miles a week, plus a lot of pickleball! Most importantly, I’m not in pain anymore!

If you have chronic pain, keep an open mind and give Joergen a call! - John Pinsky, Owner of One2One Bodyscapes Personal Training April 17, 20203

My partner Peter and I went again for a long walk(3 hours) through the nearby rain forest yesterday. We walked up and down until we reached the creek where we enjoyed our fruit breakfast. I enjoyed every bit of it because I have no back pain anymore. I am utterly grateful for the work I did with Jørgen Rasmussen 3 years ago. It was the breakthrough after suffering from chronic back pain for 28 (!!!!!) years and trying so many things which gave me a max. of relief for 3 months. I couldn't walk without pain even though I took pain killer but I can now. And not only walk but also run. I can do gardening, exercises, yoga, chiropractic…….It's like a burden has fallen off my shoulders. Jørgen Rasmussen's work is magic and life changing. I finally had also to post it here because I often sent and send silent THANK YOUs his way. I am incredible grateful and highly recommend him. - Susanna Strasser 6 April. 2020
When I walked into Jørgen's presentation at the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention, I had no idea I would be leaving behind a piece of baggage that I'd been dragging around with me for 34 years. Jørgen had asked for demo subject's, who wanted to let go of a trauma, and I'd put my hand up. But when I said the words "My parents moving abroad and me staying behind in boarding school" in answer to his question regarding the nature of my trauma, the palpatations, difficulty in breathing and feeling of distress that followed meant I was actually relieved when I was not chosen! Being separated from my Mum repeatedly, for months at a time, between the ages of 9 and 11 had been a deeply painful experience and it occurred to me I probably didn't want to be dealing with that in front of a room full of people after all... The most powerful demo followed and I admired both the lady who volunteered and Jørgen for taking her from a rating of 9 on her distress scale, down to a 1 during their session together. I was so moved by what had unfolded I went up to thank Jørgen at the end and said that, whilst I'd not been chosen for the demo, I had benefitted from seeing it and would definitely apply his model to my issue. "Ok, well let's do this!" he said and over the following ten minutes or so he brought me from a place where tears were streaming down my face and I felt the most incredible pain, to where I still am to this day. I can think about my parents leaving, or indeed explore any memory from that two year period of my life, and there is no feeling at all, there is just nothing! To be free of that distress is extraordinary! I walked around the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face, I just couldn't believe it! I wondered if those old feelings might ever come back, they have not! Jørgen showed me that day that you really can change someones life in moments, when you know how, and I am forever grateful. - Samantha Shanks-Husbands UK Hypnosis Convention 2018
Where should I begin...how about Jorgen Rasmussen changed my life! I have spent 25 years studying personal, professional and spiritual development and in that time created a great life for myself and my family, but deep down I still felt unfulfilled. My thinking still caused me daily anguish and my anxiety filled moments held me back from not only greater success and fulfillment but also from enjoying what I had already created. Well I can tell you unequivocally all that changed in two brief Skype sessions with Jorgen. I have not had a single moment that resembles my past fears and worries. I feel as if the heavy weight of the world has lifted and well I can tell you unequivocally all that changed in two brief Skype sessions with Jorgen. I finally feel that I am enough just as I am. I have still been angry and sad and frustrated at times, but these emotions just seem to be healthy alerts, whereas before I would turn them into something much greater and attach painful meanings to them. That's all disappeared! I cannot recommend Jorgen highly enough, he is the most powerful agent of change that I have ever spent time with and I have worked with some of the most well known in the world. I can't tell you how he does it, all I can say is that all the reading and seminar attending and intellectual understanding of things did not resolve my inner conflicts, but Jorgen was able to take me to real knowing in a few short hours. Extraordinary doesn't come close to describing his ability, he truly is amongst only a handful of people on the planet that can impact ones life at this. Matt Williams - Sydney Australia, December 2015


Migraine/Cancer Client Interview - 12 year follow-up

"I visited Joergen hoping to clear some deep-seated feelings of anger that I felt were affecting my health. After one session, I experienced a very pleasant shift as if a weight had been lifted from me. Others noticed a change in me too. For those of you hesitant to try this style of hypnotherapy, let me encourage you. His style is more akin to a guided meditation than what I had expected. There is no loss of autonomy or awareness. I can remember feeling deeply grounded and peaceful after the session. This feeling of peace lasted for quite some months afterwards. I was so surprised by the positive effects of this one session, that I have since recommended Joergen to family and friends." Cheers

Maurisa McColm- Scotland, febryary 2016