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Read a Case Study from my book about Frank the Multiphobic:

Frank is a guy in his mid fifties who was scared of being around people and basically any place where more than a few people were present. He hadn’t been to a mall, large store or cafeteria for over twenty years. He worked in the woods and his wife would do all the shopping.

During the first session I attempted to do time line patterns and other NLP patterns, but we got absolutely nowhere. He was unable to get in touch with his fear, claimed to not make pictures, refused any and all attempts to induce hypnosis and had a lot of internal dialogue. However, I noticed three things of importance:

1. He had a tendency to mismatch. He would tense up if I asked him to relax, and he was passive aggressive.

2. His greatest fear was to have an emotional breakdown in public, especially if he would cry. That he really couldn’t handle.

3. The third thing was kind of intriguing. Several times during the first session he would lean on the sentence: “EVERYONE HAS EQUAL VALUE!” As he said these words, he would gesture downward with his palms. He did this three or four times. When you get a gift like this, you have to find a way to utilize it somehow to help the client.

As the first session came to a close, it was clear that we would have to do our work in the real world. I would have to find a way to utilize the three patterns of behavior previously mentioned.

The next time he came in I took him on a little trip to a local food store, telling him that we were just going on a little exploration. I had scheduled the session for a time when I knew that groups of teenagers would hang outside the store. Imagine my relief when I saw a big teenage gang outside the store. We parked the car, locked the door, thereby blocking one escape route for my unsuspecting client.

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