I screen all my clients and have VERY strict standards for who I am willing to spend my time and energy working with.

Look elsewhere if any of this applies to you.

1. You are a psychiatric patient and on any form of psychaitric medication.

2. You recieve any form of welfare or government handouts for doing your problem. I dont work with professional victims.

3. You are part of any special interesrt group ( ala nxiety groups or phobia groups ). I consider it meaningless to work with someone who bases their identity and social network on the exact problem they want to see me for.

4. You are looking for someone else to rescue to from your problem.

The types of clients I am willing to work with.

1. People who are ready to take full responsibility for solving their problems , but dont know quite HOW to solve their particular problem.

2. People who want to improve some sort of skill set and are looking for interesting new tools and methods for amplifying performance.

3. Trainers and coaches who are looking for a "troubleshooting " coach to help them improve their performance.

If you can live up to these standards than feel free to get in touch with me at 0047- 92802484 to explore what we can do together as a team to make your life together.