As the Name Implies, Provocative but higly effective strategies when used with care.=

This is an interesting book that lays out many interesting cases that Jorgen handled in a unique way. It is easy to read and entertaininly written but not everyone would have the courage to take the action Jorgen did, as the name implies it is provaocative. In some ways the strategies employed are similar to the tale of Milton Erickson arranging to tear the clothes off a nurse in order to shock a wayward teenager out of her willfully destructive habits. This book is well worth studying so you can use or adapt the strategies in a way that suits you, I highly recommend it.  Read More

By Stuart Elliotton October 31, 2015

Great Book... Refreshing Perspective

I enjoyed the book and learned quite a bit. Jorgen has a very strong personality and that may threaten some readers. I find it refreshing and like knowing exactly where he stands. There is no sugar coating anything in this book. I think you have to read through some of the rougher content upfront, to see that he appears to be a very caring and compassionate change worker.

There were several parts that had me laughing so hard, I had people look at me in the coffee shop where I was sitting.

If you are interested in change work and hypnosis, you will broaden your understanding of what is possible with his examples. I also found his references to authors who have impacted him also helpful in filling out my reading list.

I was riveted from start to finish and found it entertaining and even inspiring at times. Read More

By Jason Harnumon January 26, 2014